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Is It Now Time for Bulls to Take a Nap?

-EXCLUSIVE- Last year in May, when we called the end of the bear market amidst the ocean of bearishness that was surrounding us, some people thought that I was simply a perma bull. If you had seen some of the emails I was getting, you would understand why I felt the need to clarify in some of my posts back then that although, most of the time, I am neither bull nor bear and I just follow the data, in some instances I can become bearish. The last example was in January 2022, when I saw some of the internal metrics of the hedge that were giving readings only seen in 2008-2009. I was also feeling like a perma bull when I was saying in September of last year that this was just a regular pullback since the volatility was too low to bring us into bear market territory. But now, I need to confess, I am a bit bearish.

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