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About WU

If you like our message and  trust our approach, go see what we offer and become a member of our WU community.

(*BTW we like data science so much that all the image used in this page has been generated using the Dall-E image generator developed by OpenAI)

Our Team
(square glasses squad)

Vincent Duchaine, PhD

Risk manager

& Data Scientist

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Vincent is a professor at École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal, where he has been educating students and conducting groundbreaking research since 2010. He has graduated more than 75 future-forward researchers and published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, earning several patents along the way. Vincent leads an Industrial research Chair in Collaborative Robotics, with a focus on advanced control systems, signal processing, and machine learning. Alongside his academic pursuits, he is also the founder of Robotiq Inc., a world leader in the field of collaborative robotics. But Vincent isn't all work and no play. He's also an astute investor and has been dabbling in the market since 2008.

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Jennifer Kwiatkowski

AI Specialist

& Developer

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Passionate about tech and science, Jen’s background in engineering, and Ph.D studies in robotics and AI makes her a natural fit for innovating new technologies. She trusts her algorithms in her daily work, so why not with her money?

Nathalie Goyette, M.Sc

Web Dev & Marketing

Graduated with a Master's degree in International Management, Nathalie has played a key role in driving the success of companies of varying sizes. In recent years, she has dedicated her expertise to assisting young tech entrepreneurs from McGill University, Concordia University and ETS in creating successful startups in the medical innovation sector. Furthermore, Nathalie has had a keen interest in investing since her early 20s and has a strong aversion to losing money. It's safe to say that her dislike of losing money is stronger than that of anyone else on our team and possibly even stronger than your own.

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