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BTC Other indicators - Price action (Part 1)

-EXCLUSIVE- We spent a long time investigating existing on-chain metrics and their correlation to Bitcoin’s price movement, which led us to create some of our own novel and powerful indicators. These indicators (that we have introduced in other posts) are the cornerstone of our hedging algorithm, which allows us to buy and sell (or short) Bitcoin at the ideal moments in order to protect ourselves from market downturn. Our goal is to minimize volatility while maximizing our return. But, we did not try to reinvent the wheel. This work led us to discover hundreds of already existing, super useful, highly correlated, on-chain metrics. Here is an introduction to our favourite of these wonderful indicators that were created by some of the best crypto analysts, and that are also part of our hedging strategy. Many of these indicators were not available on TradingView (since they are using advanced on-chain metrics that are part of the Tier 2 or 3 offer on Glassnode), so we coded them for you and they are now part of our TradingView indicator package.

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