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It's essential to realize that many online algorithms have a tendency to exhibit exceptional past performance but fail when applied in real-time. At WealthUmbrella, our methodology is rooted in a rigorous approach to algorithm design and testing.

In the realm of machine learning and complex algorithms, distinguishing between past memorization and genuine learning from historical data is pivotal. To ensure that algorithms are designed for sustained future success, a rigorous three-phase process is followed: training, validation, and testing.


This methodology enables the evaluation of an algorithm's capacity to perform under unforeseen circumstances, ultimately emphasizing real-world adaptability and future performance.

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Investing, not trading

WU investment philosophy is grounded in the principles of capital preservation and long-term growth. Unlike traders who often react to short-term market fluctuations, we take a different approach. Our primary challenge has been to develop an algorithm that allows us to remain invested in the market while filtering out the noise of minor fluctuations, only flagging significant market movements.

SP500 Umbrella

Over the past 20 years, it triggered 40 times, never missing a true market crash. The success rate is 72.5% (75% exiting the market instead of going short), with a remarkable 8.3 to 1 ratio of return on winning to losing trades. This approach offers peace of mind during small market bumps and excels in protecting against substantial downturns.

BTC Umbrella

One of our main motivations for creating our investing strategy originated in this binary narrative of holding vs day trading, as we actually think that the most efficient way to hold bitcoin is probably somewhere in between these two extremes.

We apply the same principle behind our BTC Umbrella, where we seek a middle ground between holding and day trading Bitcoin.

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