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Invest like the pros with our science-backed  insights and tools

We are a data science company empowering everyone to make informed investment decisions.

Our goal is to demystify institutional investment techniques and level the playing field.

Tired of guessing the crypto and the stock market trends? We’ve got you covered.

Don't let investing feel like gambling

Switch to a modern, quantitative 

approach to investing with our data-driven research

Join the 2,000+ investors currently getting their investing datas from WealthUmbrella

"As a smart money concept trader it’s interesting to follow how this trend following strategy integrates with my approach. I really like that when your strongly trending up how your indicator appears to get you out near the top."


about BTC Umbrella

I highly appreciate WU's approach of presenting data, providing clear direction, and avoiding opinions and predictions.


about SP500 + BTC Umbrella 

"It's never too late to get under the Umbrella! The Wealth Umbrella's AI/ML team has been right more than 8 times out of 10 with their BTC Hodling Strategy, and I've been able to make profitable decisions thanks to their valuable insights. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their trading strategy."

Michael F from Germany

about BTC Umbrella

Thanks for this super useful extra tool! So much more reliable than plain standard deviation. I have already been able to use it 12 times for index trades, and results have been really outstanding.

Paula from Finland

about SP500 Umbrella (BandBreaker indicator)

"Enlightening, educational, a bit entertaining - thank you so much for sharing all your work!"


Indicators Powered by Alternative Data

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Step 3


see wu's market position

Step 4


make AN informed decision

Be more confident, get informed


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Explore Our Investing Umbrellas Options

  • Bitcoin Umbrella

    Every month
    For the crypto enthusiast
    • Access to our Active HODLing Risk Management Strategy
    • Realtime notifications by text
    • Technical analysis of significant events
    • TradingView access to our 8 WU’s exclusive indicators
    • WUs ultimate on-chain toolkit on TradingView
    • ALL BTC related Premium blog content
    • Access to download our comprehensive eBook
  • SP500 Umbrella

    Every month
    For the diversified investor
    • Access our exclusive ☂️ WU Hedging Signal
    • Access our 6 other exclusive SP500 indicators
    • Realtime notifications by text
    • Technical analysis of significant events
    • Exclusive blog articles, featuring position changes analysis
    • Access to SP500 member page only
    • Exclusive TradingView script access to WU ☂️ SP500 indicators

Our Comprehensive Guide:
to On-chain Metrics & Sp500 Tools

Our easy-to-digest guides cover the features, benefits, and practical applications of these powerful tools, empowering you to form your own perspectives on market trends and comprehend the rationale behind our shared strategic positioning.


Follow the same insights as large investment funds

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